D.S. Eakins Difference

About D.S. Eakins

Quality and safety are our No. 1 priorities. You’ll not find a more reputable, experienced and professional construction company in Florida in our areas of specialization. We have earned a reputation for utmost performance and dependability from hundreds of returning customers. D.S. Eakins is recognized by the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County with a Private Recycler Excellence Award and has worked with the organization for more than 20 years, helping Palm Beach County and the Solid Waste Authority with its recycling goals.

The D.S. Eakins Difference

At D.S. Eakins (DSE), delivering the highest quality services in the industry, on time, on budget and safely, is what our discerning customers demand and deserve. That is what the D.S. Eakins Difference is all about. If you have contracted our services in the past, then you know. If you’re new to our company, you deserve to know about the D.S. Eakins Difference.


In 1971, Doug Eakins moved from upstate New York to South Florida where he quickly “dug-in,” both literally and figuratively, into the underground utilities construction trade. By 1975, he had established key working relationships throughout Palm Beach County, including becoming the utilities subcontractor of record for the City of West Palm Beach.

In the early days, according to Mr. Eakins, two crews and a total of 15 people were enough to cover the growth being experienced in Palm Beach County and the subsequent construction the company was assigned—including D.S. Eakins’ largest job up to that point: a 72-inch storm sewer pipeline repair and replacement in 1976 and 1977 on 3rd Street in West Palm Beach.

By 1980, the D.S. Eakins team began crafting an idea along with concrete company Rinker Materials Corp. that at the time seemed merely a practical solution to a common problem.

The problem? A great deal of construction in general involves renovation of existing structures, which means demolishing and digging out old concrete to replace with new construction. Most old concrete at the time was considered waste and ended up in landfills. Furthermore, concrete not poured out of a concrete truck and brought back to concrete plants created a large amount of waste.

The solution? Crush the old concrete into rubble of various sizes and sell it for new construction. Common uses of crushed aggregates include road base, over which asphalt is installed, in order to create roads; “riprap” reinforcement to help bolster piers, jetties and overpasses; and even gravel for semi-permeable spaces like driveways and parking areas.

In 1985, D.S. Eakins and Rinker Materials designed the first commercial concrete crusher, introducing the first effort to recycle concrete. The company’s additional service line came in handy in a big way too in 1988 when construction of Palm Beach International Airport began. Previously at the location was a U.S. Airforce base that had to be demolished, and no one knew what to do with the miles and miles of excavated concrete. Thankfully, D.S. Eakins did.

In 1991, Cindi Frick joined D.S. Eakins, bringing her general contractors license and years of development experience, helping to grow and shape the company.

Today, D.S. Eakins employs a team of 50, including Doug’s son, Steve, who came up through the ranks and is now a company principal. DSE has locations in West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Lake Park and For Pierce. Concrete recycling constitutes about half the company’s business, with underground utilities construction and repair encompassing the other half.